Three canoe and Kayak courses are offered

The quieter course is 8 km. It is open to everyone
from the age of 6.

 8 km:
A walk in the wildest part of the river. It will suit
especially to children, nature lovers and
beginners in canoe. This is the family walk par excellence.
Enriched with small rapids, this family run takes about 2 hours
paddle nonstop, between 4h and 6h including stops.
The other two courses a little more agitated (7km et15km) are
accessible to everyone from 11 years old.

 7 km:
A fun course, dotted with fun passages, inclined plane,
little rapids. It takes 1h30 to 2h00 paddle, between 3:00 and
5:00 in total.

 15 km:
For the bravest, because you have to paddle 4 hours. It is therefore necessary to
day (between 6am and 8am all inclusive), it is the descent that brings together the
both sports and nature side.

Safety and security

We are sure that you will spend an enjoyable time on the River Herault but here are some basic recommendations which will help to make your trip a memorable event.

  • You must be able to swim a distance of 25 yards,
  • Your lifejacket should be worn at all times,
  • Wear light plastic or canvas shoes,
  • Bring the food you need and above all sufficient drinking water,
  • Do not underestimate the sun, use sunglasses and suitable protection creams,
  • In the early and late months of the season bring a light jacket such as a K WAY.

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